What food can you give to toddlers during loose motion?

Loose motion in babies will give a hard time to parents just like cold and cough. If the babies intake quiet amount of liquid then no need to worry about the dehydration. But if He/She refuse to take food or liquid continuously and continues vomiting with loose motion, then you need to consult your Pediatrician immediately. If your baby is refusing the food during loose motions then don’t feed your baby forcefully. Just offer the food after a gap. Increase the fluid intake in your child diet. Don’t give salt, sugar, and honey to babies below 1 year of age.

what kind of foods can give for babies for loose motion?

If the baby rejects the food during the entire period of loose motion, what should I do?

How to protect the baby from dehydration?

These are the common questions that bother the parents while their kids were not well, especially during the loose motion. Here we have given you the list of foods that can give the kids during loose motion……

1) Apple puree

apple puree

Wash, peel and chop an apple. Heat a pan with 2 cups of water and add the apple pieces. Once cooked, mash with a fork or blend into a puree. Apple puree is ready to be served.


2)Brest milk


During loose motions, breast milk is the one and only best food required for babies up to 6 months as it has enough nutrients to hydrate the baby. You can increase the frequency of breastfeeding during loose motions.

Always monitor the urine levels of the baby by counting the wet diapers.

3) Pomegranate


Give pomegranate juice at regular intervals. This will help in rehydrating the child. Blend the pomegranate seeds in a mixer and extract its juice. If you think, juice is too heavy for little one then dilute it with water and feed your baby.

4) Coconut water

coconut water

The best ever natural glucose available for us; coconut water is enriched with simple sugars, minerals and electrolytes which help to prevent the body from dehydration.

Coconut water or ilaneer can be given to babies of 6 months and above one or twice during loose motions.

5) Carrots


During loose motions, boiled carrots are amazing to provide instant energy.

Pressure cook 1 washed and peeled carrot with turmeric powder and a pinch of salt till its done. Mash it with a fork and give to your baby.

If your baby is above 8 months, you can give the cooked carrots in the form of carrot fingers too (cut into thin finger shapes).

6) Potato mash

potato mash

If your baby has started solid foods then it is recommended to give starchy foods like rice cereal, potato which are easy to digest. Potato is the most commonly available form of starch food which is great during loose motion in babies.

Boil a potato with a little salt.Once done, mash the potato. You can add a pinch of roasted powdered cumin seeds too to curb the gas. Offer the potato mash once a day to your baby or toddler.

7) Toast or Rusk

bread toast

I am sure this is one of the foods that you loved having during loose motions in your childhood days. Yes it’s great for toddlers too.

Buy 1 or 2 packets of toast or rusk when your little one has loose motions. Give it to him when he is hungry. Can be given once or twice a day for babies of 10 months and above.

Kindly monitor the baby to avoid choking. Baby rusks devoid of maida can be used too.

8) Banana


Give your baby mashed banana. Or you can try to give banana with a little curd. It is the most traditional home remedy to stop loose and it works wonders. Banana provides strength and energy.

9) Curd


Give your baby fresh curd with roasted cumin seeds/ jeera powder. Or you can add half teaspoon of sugar and pinch of salt and give it to your baby.

10) Arrowroot powder


Arrowroot is the best for dehydration. Arrowroot powder is powdered starch which is a good option for babies during loose motions. It’s an allergen-free solution which helps to soothe the upset stomach.
Give the arrowroot powder with a little salt made into a runny porridge with water/curd.

Recommended Age: 1+ year old

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