Quality Conformance in HCI

Quality conformance in HCI consist conformance of requirements and conformance for specification with customer needs and expectations. With respect to HCI, quality is something beyond that. Quality is a predictable degree of uniformity and dependability with the low cost and suitable for the market with the totality (ability to full fill the stated needs/requirements).

Let’s see some general definitions of Quality


  • Characteristics or attributes of a System/product which are measurable, things we are able to compare to known standards such as color, length, electrical properties and so on.
  • Quality is how much the manufacturer fulfilled the specifications given by the user. Quality is proportional to the conformance of specification
    • Specifications are the functionalities of System or a product, or simply “what system provides to the user”
  • In software development, Quality is the measured by achievement¬†of requirements. Hence the quality is proportional to conformance of requirements.
    • Requirements are the compulsory needs of a user, or simply ” what user expects from a System?”
    • Requirements can be further divided into Functional Requirements(FR) and Non-Functional Requirements(NFR).

Mathanraj Sharma
University of Jaffna

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