Philip’s new Headband give the user better sleep

Do you have trouble sleeping? Well, Philips’ new headband can apparently solve that problem. The device, although has a bit of weird design, contains some pretty interesting tech inside which it claims can help the users get a good night’s sleep.
headband plays white noise to help your brain get to sleep.Its weird design attaches built-in sensors to your forehead in order to detect brain activity. Then it shares that data with a connected mobile app. When deep sleep is detected, the headband’s speakers will start playing white noise in a slowly repeating pattern, which Philips claims will reinforce a good sleep.
Philips has said that this white noise will give the user better sleep. For those who are not aware, white noise contains many frequencies with equal intensities. If you are living in a place which has considerable traffic noise in the night, listening to white noise can help mask the traffic sounds and lets you take a peaceful nap.
Power Sleep Sensor Connect Behind Ear
The Verge claims that small pilot studies on the effect of noise on deep sleep have shown that the white noise technique can help older people get a proper nights sleep. But as the sample size was too small, the result isn’t conclusive for a larger audience. The shape of the headband also does not look very ergonomically designed. But that’s just us.
A good night sleep is definitely very necessary for starting the next day on a positive note, but is it worth spending the $399 on Philips SmartSleep headband? That’s for you to decide.

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