“PEDDY” – Robot companion for pets…

Peddy is a Smart pet companion which takes the form of an interactive robot specifically designed for pet owners to provide their pets with a companion while they are away. Peddy is capable of feeding, entertaining and connecting you to your pet when you are not at home. What is PEDDY?, the combination of the words “PET” and “BUDDY”, is the world’s first versatile smart robot.peddy smart Robot

The robot serves to prevent your pets from sinking into boredom. It comes with a variety of pre-recorded pet entertainment such as music and videos. It also comes with two-way communication that allows users to see and talk with their pets. This is made possible from an app on their smartphone or tablet. Contact with pets is assured even while they are at the office, on a trip or somewhere else. This ensures that both pet and master have a way to see and hear each other.

It comes with ultrasonic sensors that can detect both sound and movement. Once the robot senses some strange activity aside from that of the pet, it sends out an alert notification and then records the activities and takes pictures that it then sends out to the homeowner for verification via the app.

The PEDDY Smart Pet Companion Robot is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Peddy is available to back from $279 for early-bird backers with delivery expected to take place during March 2018.

peddy robot with dog

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