Factors of HCI

Properties which have the major influence on the HCI is known as the factors of HCI. These factors decide the best of the HCI. These factors are communicating with each other, making the analysis more complex.

  1. Organization Factors – Training, Job Design, roles, politics, work organization
  2. Environmental Factors – Noise, Humidity, Heating, Lightning, Ventilation, Health and safety factors
  3. The User Factor – Cognitive process, Capabilities, Motivation, Enjoyment, Satisfaction, Experience
  4. Comfort Factors – Sealing, Equipment, Layout
  5. User Interface – Input Devices, Output Devices, Uses of colors, Icons, Commands, Navigation, Graphics
  6. Task Factors – Easy, Complex, Novel, Task allocation skills
  7. Constraints – Cost, Time, Budgets, Staff, Equipment, Buildings
  8. System Functionality Factors – Hardware and Software Applications
  9. Productivity Factors – Increase Output, Increased Quality, Low Cost, Increased Innovation

Mathanraj Sharma
University of Jaffna


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