Discipline of HCI

“HCI discipline concern with the design, evolution, and implementation of an interactive computer system for human use with the study of major phenomena surrounding them.”

HCI is a kind of discipline which is neither the study of human nor computer it is about connecting/bridging them both.

Earlier the Computer Systems were used only for research purposes and military purposes. So the end users were either scientists or expertise in programming. But now a day’s people from every range of life using computer systems in their day to day life. So the System has to be developed for successful interaction with the human beings. HCI studies, how people use the computers and to what extent they are using it.

HCI consists of three parts,

  1. User – User can be an individual or a group of people.
  2. Computer – Computer here Is refers to any technology ranging from desktop to large scale of computers
  3. Interaction – In HCI interaction is the successful communication between Computer and the User. Successful interaction is depended on the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience).

The discipline of HCI depends on theories & practices from varies fields.



Main disciplines which have contributed to the HCI

  1. The Computer Science – technology, software design, development & maintenance, UI development, prototyping tools and graphics
  2. Cognitive Psychology –  Information Process, Capabilities, Limitations and Performance Predictions.
  3. Ergonomics – Hardware Design, display readability
  4. AI – Artificial Intelligence


Mathanraj Sharma
University of Jaffna

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