What is Botnet?

Botnet is network of remotely controlled computers or Bots. Bots is term came from “Robot”. ┬áBotnet also mentioned as Zombie army.

How a botnet is created?

Hackers use some Trojan base malware to attack the victim and connects him to his server. Like this hundreds of thousands of computers are captured by the hacker in order to create a botnet. Then he gives the instructions to bots to what to do. Sometimes hackers connects the bots in a peer to peer manner using some protocols which are similar to bit torrent. Or else hackers use “Tor Networks” to communicate with the bots. Tor is a encrypted network designed to be anonymous as possible. After the bots are infected with Trojan hacker can download all other type of malicious software to those bots like adware key-logger and ransomware.

Botnet is network of remotely controlled

What is the gain for the hackers by botnets?

  • Hackers rents the access for the botnet to third parties
  • Private data are captured and sold to third parties
  • To send spam emails
  • To launch a DDoS attack
  • Can be used as a bitcoin mine

How to prevent from being enslaved?

  • Don’t visit to the links which you don’t know where they lead
  • Do not download attachments from unknown sites
  • Use fine anti-virus and keep them updated
  • Configure the firewall properly
  • Keep all software up-to-date

How to check whether already you are a bot?

  • Computer and Internet Connections works slower than unusual
  • Computer prompts unexplained error messages
  • Browser closes frequently
  • Unusual Internet usage
  • Computer takes long period of time to start and shutdown

Mathanraj Sharma
University of Jaffna

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