Taking advantage of Kotlin

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language which was introduced and maintained by the Jetbrains. This designed as which can be run in JVM. And it was originally developed by Jetbrains to promote their IDE. And also it can be compiled to Java Script. Even though the syntax is not compatible with java kotlin can interoperate with Java classes and libraries.

Kotlin can be run in IntelliJ IDEA, Android studio as well as Netbeans. Also can be compiled and run using the terminal. There is an online platform to compile and run kotlin files kotlinlang.org, also many resources regarding kotlin in that site. Kotlin is has been mostly used by android developers since it was introduced. There are many advantages in using rather than java codes which reduces the amount of codes and some other facilities.

  1. Kotlin makes databinding a simple task for developers
  2. Kotlin has a special declaration called extensions which can be used to extend class files with new functionalities like in C#.
  3. Annotations are available in kotlin. Also kotlin let users to use meta annotations to add additional attributes to the annotations
  4. Higher order functions can be declared in kotlin
  5. And it allows to use lambda functions also
  6. It has some data classes which eliminates the bundle of codes away
    1. Equals()/hashcode()
    2. toString()
    3. component()
    4. copy()
  7. Kotlin accepts both structural arguments and named arguments
  8. Has inbuilt ability to do referential equality
  9. Jetbrains facilitate android developers to translate java codes into kotlin.
  10. It has introduced until keyword to be used in repetition structures which eliminates inbound and outbound exceptions

Since kotlin makes the android developers task easier and reduces huge amount of coding developers are so excited to use it. Go and try it yourself today!



Mathanraj Sharma
University of Jaffna

kotlin - new programming language for android developers

Are you all ready to learn Kotlin? 


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