Introduction to Artificial intelligence

 Artificial intelligence is the capacity of problem solving and the ability to engaging with cognitive functions which machines and computers have. It makes them think and act like humans according to scenarios rather than functioning in a routine manner. Key approaches of AI are statistical methods, computational intelligence and Symbolic AI. We are using many devices functioning on AI in our day to day life, for example Virtual personal Assistance (Apple siri, Windows Cortana and Samsung bixby), Video games (Call of duty, far cry and etc.), Smart cars, Purchase prediction in online platforms, fraud detections, Online Customer supports and etc.

Goals of AI

  • Reasoning
  • Knowledge
  • Planning
  • Learning
  • Perception
  • Natural language learning
  • Problem solving
  • Adoptions
  • Ability to engage with objects


Benefits of Artificial intelligence

  • Negligence of Errors

AI is based on various studies so the machine with AI acquire knowledge from the environment and produces most possible and accurate solutions for the occurrence. Since they are machines they can work with high efficient with restless than humans do.

  • Appliances used often

We are using many devices and appliances in our day to day life. Smart phones with virtual personal assistance, Smart Air Conditioner which capable of sensing the mood and the weather, navigation applications and so on. They also study and acquire knowledge about the user and use those data for make predictions for him. Also in financial institutions they use AI to manage data and Fraud analysis.

  • Digital Assisting

In many large organizations and online platforms they use bots and Avatars to guide the users based on their needs. Users can interact with them like they do with humans.

  • Repetitive Tasks

There are plenty of repetitive tasks to be accomplished in real world. Unlike humans machines with AI can do it way more efficient and faster without draining out. And also many dangerous tasks can be carried out with AI bots. Unlike humans the parameters of machines can be adjusted is an added advantage.


Disadvantages of AI

  • Cost

Since AI is one of the highest tech so far it needs huge cost as they are very complicated to build and implement. Also it needs high cost for the maintenance. They need updates and upgrades time to time. Another severe problem is major break downs.

  • Ethical Issues

Even though machines have AI they cannot acquire actual intelligence. Since they are programmed they make decisions on the knowledge they have.  They cannot judge right and wrong. So if they face any unfamiliar situation for them there is a higher possible of chance for misjudgment or major break down. So inability to self-learning like humans is a great disadvantage

  • Lack of Originality

Machines with AI may guide users to creative things. But what they do is just give clues by what they have in their memory. They are not emotionally intellectual like humans so they cannot come up with new original creativities like humans.

  • Unemployment

Implementing machines with AI can lead to a major cut off of man power. Experts says approximately 20% of the bankers might lose their works by 2020 due to the development in fintech. Also it leads people with human minds to become lazy and make them highly dependent on machines.

Mathanraj Sharma
University of Jaffna


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