Data Structures and algorithms – Introduction


Data structure is a systematic way of organizing data in order to access them in an easier way. And algorithms is well define finite number of steps which is used to organize data.

Why Data Structures are important..?

  • To minimize the time and usage of processor for each space
  • To utilize the maximum usage of high speed processor
  • To minimize the redundancy
  • To serve multiple requests without collisions

Data structures consist of two main core aspects

  • Interface – Every data structure has an interface which allows users to access data inside the structure and it represents the set of operations supported to the database. It only knows the set of operations and type of parameters can be accepted and return.
  • Implementation – This is the actual functioning part of a data structure. It consist with the algorithms which organizes the data


 Expected features of a good Data Structure 

Accuracy – The implementation of the structure has to accurate as well as the data on the structure has to be updated and reliable

Time complexity – The execution time of the operations implemented in the structure has to be quick as possible

Space Complexity – Memory consumption of the implementation has to be very efficient

Mathanraj Sharma
University of Jaffna

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