Huawei may launch Its Foldable Smartphone next year

ZTE’s Axon M smartphone, which features foldable displays, could mark the beginning of a trend in the smartphone industry.There has been a lot of talk about Samsung building a foldable smartphone for the past couple of years. However, we’ve yet to see anything tangible from the company. It’s certainly not the only major company that might be working on something like this. At least Huawei has officially confirmed that it has a working prototype of its foldable smartphone. Huawei is expected to launch its foldable smartphone at some point next year.

In an interview with CNET, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei said it already has a working sample of a foldable phone, which it could launch as soon as next year. “We have two screens,” Richard Yu, the Huawei CEO told the news outlet. “But we still have a small gap [between the screens]. That’s not good, and we should get rid of that gap,” he added, explaining the challenges the company is facing with the project. He added that the company may launch such a smartphone next year.

No further information has been revealed about the device’s specifications and features.


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