Google introduce Pixelbook laptop

Google has launched various new gadgets on Wednesday.Such as Mobile phones (Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL), Laptop (PixelBook), Headset (Pixel Buds), Bluetooth Speaker (Google Home Mini, Google Home Max), Automatic Camera (Google Clips)
The company has been  launched a new laptop named Bookcase Book to compete the Apple MacBook Laptop.
The Pixel Book Laptop has two variants of 8GB RAM and a variant of 16GB RAM. The 8GB RAM variants are equipped with 128GB SSD and 256GB SSD. Both have the seventh-gen Intel CoreTM i5 processor. The 16GB RAM variant is equipped with 512GB NVMe and seventh-gen Intel CoreTM i7 processor.
A 10-hour battery with a 41 watt capacity is available with fast charging. Its weight is only 1.1 kg. There are four mic and two spacers.
The 12.3 inch touchscreen display also supports a separate pen, priced at $99, that acts like a traditional Wacom stylus. The Pixelbook Pen includes support for both pressure or angle, and is powered by AAA batteries.
LearnLinky - Info screen shot pixel laptop
Google’s Pixelbook laptop starts at $999 and can be priced all the way up to $1,649. That places it against Apple’s range of MacBooks, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop, and a number of devices from PC makers. Three configurations will be available, and the Pixelbook Pen will be available separately for $99.

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