Finding inner Peace!

Inner peace what does it gives us?

Life in machinery world is way more stressor than how it was in previous era, it is a universal truth is that we have to run after money and Money has created an impact that we cannot survive without it. Knowing that it is not true we are being ruled by this thought and this leads us to a critical survival stage in which we sacrifice our dignity, happiness, relations and peace.

It is the time for us to look for a change; changes that can make us realize that this world is not only about our happiness but also to keep people around us happy.

Inner peace what does it gives us? How can it change our self, our life? These questions can be answered only being understanding the ways to obtain Inner peace they are as such:

Thinking out of the box , it is true that we all have our own rules or principles that we wish to follow but what we forget to understand is whether our own principles gives benefits only for us or to people around us too, that movement when we start to develop habits that can be helpful to the community it automatically makes us a human being ; person with humanity.

Saying that , we should not forget that we are not being ruled by Money or Fame or wealthy but we should be by the goodness around us like respecting each other, giving priority for family and relations, understanding each other, forgiving and kindness. These are not just an experimental facts but which have been passed by our ancestors for the benefit of their generations.

Peace in one word can be obtained by caring and serving others with love and selfless though can bring inner peace and inner peace in individuals leads to community peace and it leads to universal peace.

Age and time is not must for a good change.

G.Krishnasalini – Colombo,  Sri Lanka

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