Change WAMP server default port:80

After some time, suddenly WAMP server is not working so I searched on the internet why it was happened? Finally I found because of the MS SQL Server installation, yes MS SQL server is using the port:80 because of that WAMP server couldn’t use this port:80. Then I decided to change default port:80 on WAMP Server.

Now I am going to explain how to change default port: 80 on WampServer to different one – for example: 7080.

First check your WAMP Server is running?

wamp server not working

Yes, it’s running but not working. So we need to change the port.

I installed apache version is 2.4.9, we need to find the installed location and config file.

In my laptop it was in below path


Now can see the files.

WAMP server conf files

Right click on the httpd.conf file and open it using Text Editor like Notepad++

WAMP server conf files

Look at the line 61 and you can see the IP address with port:80 now change that port as 7080



Listen [::0]:7080

Save the httpd.conf file and restart your WAMP server.

wamp server offline - restart

Now your WAMP Server will work and enjoy t!

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