Toy Friend – Android robot

Parri talked about his father achievement on his father remembrance’s day function.

It was a last decade story, one day Parri and her mother decided to go his father’s home town, she was searching her father old suitcase to get more information about her father’s home town, accidently she found her father’s very old diary.

Parri’s father, Henry was a scientist, specialized in robotics, created android robot in his likeness. Henry’s sister was blind and she needed more support to do her daily routine, he created a robot called jimmy in android technology, in order to help his sister’s daily routines.

Henry decided to give Jimmy, as his sister’s toy friend. Jimmy has been programmed with the memory and skills of 100 humans. He can understand all the arts and languages of the world. Henry believed that this kind of robot is useful for his sister’s studies and also useful for her entertainment.

One day, Toy friend, jimmy helped her to do in her exam preparation, she did not able to fully prepare for her exam, Jimmy helped her cheat in her final exam score, Jimmy hacked the university network system and changed her scores.

Another occasion, henry’s sister had an accident and experience’s doctors struggled to do the operation, but Jimmy applied his textbook knowledge to handle the operation successfully.

But Henry understand that Jimmy can be misuse by giving him random commands, because he doesn’t know what’s good, bad, friendship or enmity. He wants jimmy to understand the human emotion and need to understand the meaning of the human life.

He decided to modify Jimmy’s neural schema to all him to understand human behavior and emotions. After words Jimmy can feel emotions and also he can understand the human culture. Jimmy became very friendly and useful toy friend and helped her many occasion to complete her routine works. She became a very intelligent and famous student in her primary school.

One day, Henry’s sister invited henry for her school presentation ceremony, but henry was busy in doing his robotic research. He asked jimmy to complete his research and also he explained about his robotic research. Unfortunately, both henry and his sister had a fire accident in ceremony building and passed away on the spot.

Henry ‘s research was creating a six sense human android robot which mean that robot can play around with out any commands.

Jimmy understood the henry’s research and created another two more android robots, named them as Henry and Abi. Both robot have scientist henry and her sister attitude and similarities. They can understand the human culture and more over do not require any command to act.

Both robots became very famous and do many social activities at henry’s village.

Toy friend, jimmy is inventing a new kind of robots in order to reduce the human workloads and building a technology world.


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