App development – iOS vs Android

You have idea to develop mobile apps but don’t know, “how to develop?” and “what is the platform to select?” so in this post I am going to discuss what is platform to select for a beginner and economical person to start App development. Here I am going to compare iOS vs Android.

iOS vs Android



Buy a Mac, download the free Xcode Installer from the Mac App Store, and start writing code download the SDK, setup Eclipse and install Google’s ADT Plugin
development is done in Objective-C development is done in Java or C/C++
deploy costs $99/yr and app has to pass a screening process Google simple takes a $25 flat fee to shelf your apps
iOS “Simulator” – runs native code Android Emulator – runs on a virtual machine
Debug takes 5 seconds on the iOS Simulator Debug takes about 30 seconds to redeploy and start up in the Emulator on a perfectly-modern machine
has Interface Builder create UI layouts in XML
Devices have known screen dimensions and hardware suffers from fragmentation – many versions of the OS and Devices on the market


If you look at above table, you can see the main different between Android and iOS. So I thought to select first as Android App development going to discuss in my future articles.

Why Android Platform?

  • Technical Advantages
    • Android is built upon an open-source platform, and most of the Android code is released under the free software/open source Apache License.
    • Rich and easy to integrate feature sets.
    • Android applications are written in the Java programming language, which is a powerful, mature and very widely adopted language.
    • Easy to learn than Apple’s Objective-C
    • Inter-Application communication is easier.
  • Business Advantages
    • Android Market — is much more of an open marketplace than Apple‘s iTunes App Store.
    • No delay for approval of submitted application. So you can reach your users fast.

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