4 Must-Eat foods for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the perfect time to make good-for-you (and now good-for-baby) changes in your eating habits. After all, you’ve got a pretty special motivator growing inside your tummy.

If you know you haven’t been eating as well as you could, it is even more important to start having nutritious, well-balanced meals.

There are certain foods in particular that provide the nutrients you need to grow the healthiest baby you can. Here’s 4 Must-Eat foods while pregnant:

  • Low-fat dairy

It’s all about the calcium. Your baby needs it for his growing bones, and you need it to keep yours strong. This mineral also helps your muscles and nerves function, too.




  • Fruits and vegetables

You can buy these fresh, frozen, tinned, dried or juiced. Aim for at least five portions each day.Load up on any kind of green, yellow, orange, or red fruits and veggies you like. Colorful produce is packed with good-for-you phytochemicals, especially beta-carotene. The body converts it to vitamin A, which is critical for the development of your baby’s eyes, skin, bones, and organs.


  • Water

Eight cups a day help you and your growing baby build new cells, deliver nutrients, flush toxins, and more. Water also makes your tummy feel full, so you’re less tempted to reach for chips or cookies. Plus the dangers of dehydration are real: It can up the risk of early labor.


  • Foods rich in Protein

Protein is the foundation of any healthy diet — its amino acids are the building blocks of every cell in your body. They keep your blood sugar stable.
Some of the best proteins for pregnant women: eggs, lean meat, fish, low-fat dairy products, beans and nuts.


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