Tips for the healthy Children

vegetables for children

1) Start the day with a healthy breakfast. It gives you energy for the whole day.

2) Eat more vegetables and fresh fruits.

3) Serve food in small portions. Do not demand “a clean plate.” Let your child ask for more if he is still hungry.

4) Bake or grill foods to reduce fat. Rather than cooking with butter or vegetable oil, try healthier versions like  olive or   sunflower oil.

5) Do not give your child vitamin supplements unless they are recommended by the doctor.

6) Move more. Try to get 30 minutes of physical activities every day.

7) Keep a variety of snacks in the house, such as fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole-grain cereals. Try lower calorie or lower fat         foods, like baked chips.

8) Limit TV, computer and video game time to a total of one to two hours per day. Instead of indoor activities encourage                    outdoor physical activity.

9) Children imitate their parents, so set a good example by eating healthy foods, and act properly in-front of them.

10) Do something active every day. Be a role model for your children.

healthy children

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