Charateristic of a Pre-school teacher

A child’s preschool experience is his or her introduction to the world of education. As a preschool teacher, it is your responsibility to provide kids with a safe, fun environment where they can express themselves creatively, make new friends and adjust to spending part of the day without their parents. if we take the small ones, each child is unique and has his or her own characteristic. a child is a developing human being, external or internal courses may obstruct his natural growth and development. Teaching preschool is certainly not easy, although most teachers say the job gets easier with experience. Following are some  essential qualities that make a successful preschool teacher :-

1) She should have a pleasing personality.

2) She must look and smell nice.

3) General attitude towards children – kind, loving, caring.

4) Be knowledgeable in child-psychology.

5) Be interested in children.

6) She should be a modal for imitation and character building.

7) She must have patient be active and humorous.

8) She should not have favorites but treat all children alike.

9) She should enjoy her work.

10) She must act as a friend to the children.





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