Cicret Bracelet: Projects Your Phone’s Display

Wearable Smart Devices – Cicret Bracelet: Projects Your Phone’s Display on Your Skin

We have seen and heard a few smart wearable devices called Google Glass and smartwatch in the past months or year. Sometime you might think that Google Glass’ and smartwatch displays are too small for you, but there is a new project called Cicret Bracelet.  This bracelet seems to be one of the most interesting ones yet. This device will display your smart phone/tablet content on your skin and will allow you to interact with your apps right on your body. It has eight long range proximity sensors and a pico projector that projects the interface on your skin. The sensors detect your finger position and send the information to the bracelet then through bracelet transfer to the device.

Cicret Bracelet

If this bracelet becomes a reality, we will be able to use it to interact with our favorite apps, remotely control our smartphone. We have to wait for other few months to see the real product. Hope it will be good and it’s proving people are thinking the world different manner. Will wait and see…

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