C Language Sample MCQ

Hi Friends, I am putting here C language sample MCQ questions. Hope it will help to students.

  1. Which of the following data type occupied 1 byte?

a) long             b) double         c) char             d) float


  1. What is the typing specifier( format string code) for an integer field?

a) %c               b) %s                c) %f                e) %d


  1. Which statement will decide whether the number is an even number or not?

a) if (num=0)         b) if (num%2)           c)   if (num%2= =0)           d)  if (num%2= =1)


  1. Which of the following denotes a new line character in C program?

a) \n                b) t                   c) /t                 d) /n


  1.  Which of the following denote invalid variable names in C?

a) exforsys       b) float            c) abcd            d) None of them


  1. >, >=, ==, != are called

a)    Relational operators                    b)   logical operators

c)    Arithmetic operators                     d)    Variables


  1. What is the output of the following program?


{ int exf=25;


int test;


printf(“exf=%d test=%d”, exf, test);



 a) exf=26 test=25        b) exf=27 test=26       c) Gives Error       d) exf=26 test=26


  1. Which data type is ideal to hold the number of months in a particular year?

a) Integer                    b) Long Integer                       c)   Float                    d) Double

 9. C programming Language is what type of Language

a) High Level              b) Low Level
c) Middle Level          d) None of the above

10. Which statement will accept the value from the user?
a) scanf (“x”);                  b) scanf (%f,x);                c) scanf (“%f”, &x);                d) scanf (“%f”,x);


I know, you people want to know the answer but I will post on next post. Okk!

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