How a scripting language can improve functionality

List some of methods of improving functionality

A scripting language is a tool, which is used to add functionality to other software. It is created for simple tasks such as searching database or creating interactive menu because it is not as normal programming languages. Scripting language helps HTML to improve function by creating static webpage but it can’t do all the elements. So that’s why java script make dynamic website with user interaction. Scripting languages can be embedded, within HTML are used to add functionality to a webpage such as different menu styles or graphic displays. A JavaScript language is important to help make a website functional.

JavaScript is used to improve the website content and functionality. When programmer write JavaScript website effectively then organisation can add user prompts, user choice confirmation and other client side calculation. Organisation use JavaScript language to improve their website by alerting users and opening popup. Scripting language website will respond to the user very slowly but developer side allows more control over the action of the webpage.

There are many reasons to use scripting language in a web page. Scripting languages will allows the user to run several programs in a row, installing programs, writing a simple script or GUl to run a program (needs many parameters).  Scripting language allows programmer to write simple code very quickly and run it without compilations.

A rollover button is web button that changes it’s to three states, which are normal, over and down when the mouse moves over it. You can add rollover button in JavaScript and rollover buttons are dynamic and allow you to change colour or style of the button with the movement of the mouse.

Validation is important to web database application to make sure that data meets users and system requirements. Client side validation has a lot of benefits, which faster response to the user, reduce the website loads and network traffic.

Another advantage of Java Script slide show is we can use them to spice up photo albums, add a pizzazz to home page and stop motion animation style.

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