Android Device’s IP Address

Sometime you need your Android device’s IP address for sharing a file or media through Wi-Fi or remote server, there are  number of mobile and PC apps that need the smartphone’s IP address to share or access the files.


What is IP and what stands for?

IP is a unique number that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network. IP stands for Internet Protocol.


There are two types of IP Addresses. One is Internal IP and other one is external IP address.


Internal IP address: IP which is assigned by the router from which your phone is connected.

External IP address: The IP address of the device, assigned by the ISP (Internet Service provider).


Finding your android device’s IP address is sort of bit difficult job, if your android device connected to Wi-Fi then it easy to find your internal IP but difficult to find your device’s external IP.


1. Find your mobile’s internal IP from the device

Follow below steps

Settings >> Wireless & networks >> Wi-Fi settings and tap on the Wi-Fi network you are connected to. It’ll pop up a dialog with network status, security type, signal strength, speed and IP address.

Note: your device should connect to network using Wi-Fi.


device connected to wi-fi           android device wi-fi ip details

 (Above screenshots were taken from HTC flyer tablet – android version: Honeycomb 3.2)

2. Find your mobile’s external IP from Web browser

Finding your External/Global IP address can be done the same on all smartphone brands. Simply visit your mobile phone’s web browser to


Developers might need to find the IP address programmatically, so in my next post I will discuss how to find both internal and external IPs programmatically in android.

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