The World of Lumia

The Lumia 820

What is an 820, but a 920 by another name? The successor to the Lumia 800 is an almost exact replica of the 920, albeit in a plastic housing, AMOLED screen, slight changes to the camera’s megapixel count and focal length (28mm as opposed to 26mm) and a lesser battery. The 820’s statement is it’s price point-competitive enough to give the 720 a run for its money. Some find the 820 easier to hold than the 920.

Lumia 820


The Lumia 920

The phone that literally became the face of Windows Phone. Nokia’s 920 set the design language for all future Lumias. Featuring s gorgeous ClearBlack screen, wireless charging, a fantastic camera with optical image stabilization and great battery life to boot, the 920 trumps almost all Android phones at its lowest price point – Rs 47,000. At its highest (over seventy thousand rupees), its chances are drastically slimmer. it’s n wonder that WP is rapidly gathering momentum in the local market.

Lumia 920


The Lumia 925

Take a Lumia 920, make it thinner and lighter and swap out the IPS display for the more vivid AMOLED. It’s curious that this phone follows the 920 spec down to a T, even to the battery life. The camera has also been given a slight upgrade. While the 925 is newer, at its cheapest it’s still a good 9000 rupees cheaper than the older Lumia 920.

Lumia 925



The Lumia 1020

The 1020 is the elephant in the room. At one point in the past, Nokia debuted the Pureview 808, which had one of the best cameras ever put in a mobile phone. Unfortunately, Symbian didn’t cut it. This time, Nokia’s taken that epic 41 Megapixel Pureview camera and fused it into a Windows Phone. More specifically, into a 920. The 1020 comes with Nokia Pro Cam, which even lets you control shutter speed, ISO and focus-pretty hardcore for a phone camera. It literally is one of the best cameraphones in existence. It can also take a pretty hard beating.


Lumia 1020

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