Learnlinky provides a vast amount of applications from latest global market and the most preferably latest version updated applications. LearnLinky also essentially supports applications from all major platforms such as Android, Black Berry, Apple IOS and Windows. All major download applications are free of charge and licensed products.

Application ratings and reviews are taken place very frequently for each and every application, comments shared by field experts and application vendors. Applications are evaluated based on number of downloads, recommendations by user ratings and frequent bug fixing and updates of later versions.



Learnlinky hosts all recent current affairs from all around the globe. The latest trends in technologies, forth and upcoming newest software, mobile and computer hardware developments. Details talk about of how current and future technologies are shaping up businesses, entertainment worlds and social life of people.

Learnlinky news offers an insight about new gadgets and consumer electronics. Also provides about latest security coverage and threats to organizations. Learnlinky news is dedicated to give light to for-see future digital culture, social media and business side developments.



Learnlinky entertainment section covers the hottest news in the entertainment industry. Latest Hollywood movie trailers, latest music release news and gaming segments. Latest launches in gaming industry, covering major categories such as PC games, Xbox, Nintendo and PS3 gaming consoles.

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